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Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is a game associated with childhood with extremely simple and easy-to-use gameplay. with many striking and eye-catching colors of the picture printed with numbers. Besides, there are ladders of different lengths and snakes arranged in no particular order on that report.

When participating in the game, you just need to roll the dice to know your turn. On the way, if you encounter a box with the bottom of the stairs, you can jump to the top of the stairs, and if you enter the box with the snake's mouth, you have to retreat to the snake's tail and try to reach the finish line first to win.


  • The gameplay is simple but appealing to players.
  • Can be easily controlled: roll the dice and move the object.
  • There are many surprises in the levels, especially the thrill of rolling the dice.
  • Can play at the same time with 2 to 4 players.

How to play

Each player gets one roll of the dice. This game will start from box 1, and the number of moves will be calculated according to the number of points that you roll.

  • While rolling the dice, if your step reaches the right square with the shape of a ladder, you will now be moved to the square with the top of that ladder.
  • If you roll the dice and move to the square with the snake's head, unfortunately for you, you will be moved back to the square with the snake's tail.
  • Follow the same method of playing Snakes and Ladders until you reach 100. Whoever gets to 100 first will be the winner.


Use left mouse button.

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