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Klondike Solitaire

Klondike Solitaire: Classic Card Games is a basic and popular Solitaire card game in the world. Play basic solitaire, train your brain and become a Klondike Solitair master. The object of the game is to fill 4 by arranging the cards in an ascending suit sequence from Ace to King.

Game layout

  • Tabbleau : Consists of 7 spindles with 28 leaflets of increasing size. Each pile has the same number of cards. For example, pile 1 has 1 card, and pile 7 has 7 cards. Only the top card is turned up.
  • Reserve: Consists of 24 cards lying on the right corner and facing down.
  • Foundations: Includes 4 piles that look on the top right side.

How to play

  1. The cards will be split into 7 columns before the game begins. From 1 to 7 cards will be put in each column, from left to right. The final card will be shown to you face up.
  2. You will have four vacant cells above the seven rows in which to arrange 13 cards from A to K, all of the same suit. Additionally, there is a card box with 24 reserve cards inside of it. During the game, you may utilize certain cards if you are in a hidden position.
  3. The cards that have been flipped face up in the columns will then be moved together by players to create a string. Those cards must be smaller, a different color, and a different suit than the cards that came before them while being moved.
  4. The card behind is turned face up when a player switches a card to a different location. You will move the card in the fourth cell up if the flipped hand is an A or is in the same suit as that card.
  5. To be able to roll over another card when there is an empty column, place a K card in that column.
  6. If you can't move any more cards. Click on 24 reserve cards. Then, three cards at a time, the reserve cards are flipped up. The cards will be arranged by the player in seven columns according to sequential rules, many colors and many different sets.

When the player fills all the cards in the 4 cells in the top drawer with cards, the card game ends. The correct number of cards moved and the number of cards placed in the column will be used to determine the player's score. The player will win if the cards are arranged properly and score the required number of points. Good luck.

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