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Monopoly is a game played all over the world. This is a type of brain game produced and published by Parker Bros. Players must decide to buy, sell, rent or make other transactions by rolling the dice. They do this so that they can get the most out of their fortune and put their competitors go bankrupt.

How to play

Monopoly game rules

To play the game "Monopoly," you need at least two people. Each player will take a turn rolling the dice and moving the animal or object that represents them to follow the number of cells on the dice. When the player stops moving on the chessboard, he or she will do "rights and obligations" that match the values of the points, such as buying land, buying a house, paying rent, taxes, going to jail, etc. game presets.

One of the following must happen for the game to end:

  • All members are collapsing, except for 1 person.
  • Each city on the same street can be bought by a member.
  • Five tourist spots can be bought by a member.
  • Some members have three sets of colors.

If after 25 minutes the above cases have not occurred, the person with the most money will win.

How to play Monopoly

If after 25 minutes the above cases have not occurred, the person with the most money will win.

At the start of each game, the player chooses a mascot or representative object and is split an equal initial amount. Each player takes turns tossing two six-sided dice to determine how many squares they have to advance clockwise.

    Tossing the same dice twice gives you a chance to roll again. But if you hit three doubles in a row, you'll be jailed immediately. If you want to get out of jail, you have to roll the same 2 dice again or pay a fine.

After rolling the dice and following the specified number of cells, at that position, you must do the required content on it like:

  • It is possible to "get" to buy land or build more real estate if the location is not yet occupied.
  • Or maybe they will "get" paid for land and house rent if they move into a box that has been bought by someone else.
  • Or request to buy back land and houses from other players.
  • Or in the position of opening the card of Opportunity, Fortune,...

Join the game now and try to bust your opponents by buying lots of houses and hotels.


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