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8 Ball Pool

Enjoy moments of entertainment with the 8 Ball Pool game. In this game you will have to shoot all the specified balls into the hole before your opponent.

This game has completely different gameplay than Classic Solitaire Deluxe. You will have to put the designated balls into the holes. After putting the specified number of balls into the hole, you continue to shoot the number 8 ball into the hole. You cannot shoot 8 balls until you have put all the specified balls in the hole. If you shoot the 8 ball into the hole before completing the designated balls, you lose. This game helps you train your thinking ability when you have to align the direction of the shot and the force of the shot. Be a great player in this game.

Pick your ball

In the game, there are 15 balls of two different types: solid balls and striped balls. To break the ball, you will shoot a white ball, and you will get to pick the kind of ball. Your assigned ball is the one you put in the hole first.

How to play

The first player must put a row of balls with the numbers 1 through 7 (solid balls), and the second player must place a row of balls with the numbers 9 through 15. (striped balls). The last ball is ball eight. Before finishing the prescribed number of marbles, you lose if you shoot the 8 ball. Only your assigned balls may be shot. Your turn is forfeited if you hit your opponent's ball. The winner of that game is the person who makes every shot and sinks the eight. You can select from three other game types as well. These range from simple to challenging. Enjoy the game by selecting the appropriate mode.


Use your mouse to fire the ball during gameplay.

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