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Backgammo is a game for two players with quite simple gameplay. Each player has 15 pieces. Players need to move the pieces around the table to bring them back to their playing field, then take them all off the table. The winner will be the first to get rid of all his pieces.

There are 30 pieces in total, each player has 15 pieces with one color. The color of the pieces can be white and red or white and black. And there are 2 dice, the mirrored cube is a 6 sided cube, but instead of being numbered the usual 1 to 6, the doubled cube has faces with doubles of 2, 4 , 8, 16, 32 and 64. It is used to track the score of the game.

How to play

Initial setup

Two players choose their pieces first. Then the system will automatically arrange their pieces in their original positions as follows:

  • Two pieces should be placed on the 24 point position.
  • Three pieces are placed on the 8 point position.
  • Place five pieces in 13 position.
  • Place five pieces in the 6 position.

Roll the dice and move

The player starts their turn by simultaneously rolling two dice such that they fall on the correct side of the game board. The player moves his pieces in accordance with the rules after determining the outcome of the two dice.

The amount of steps that the piece is moved is determined by the number of points on the dice. The player's piece advances in a horseshoe pattern counterclockwise and in the declining order of his score.

The only place the piece may be moved is to the Open Point. When there aren't two or more opponent pieces, the point is said to be open.

When a player rolls the dice to get two of the same dice, the player can double the number of moves.
If there is only one move, the player must play that number. If one of the numbers is playable but not both then move to the larger number. If no number is hit, the player loses his turn.

Army kick

An Open Point where there is an opponent's piece, is called a Weak Point (Blot). When a piece moves to a Weakness, this Weakness will be "kicked" and the opponent's piece will be kicked and placed on the divider. Once brought to the bar, these pieces will not be able to move. "Kick" is a strategy to slow down the opponent's speed.

When all of the player's pieces have moved to  Home Board, the player can proceed to discard these pieces, also known as Bearing off. If there are no pieces available. can be eliminated, the player must make a valid move with the higher score pieces.

The game ends when one player removes all of his pieces from the board and is the winner. Good luck.

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