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Reversi, often known as Othello, is a board game in which you and the computer place pieces with two different colors on an eight-row by eight-column grid. The object of Reversi, is to place as many of your colored discs on the board as you can.


  • Give suggestions what is the next move you should go
  • You can undo your last move by pressing the back button.
  • You can see how your score compares to other players' scores on the leaderboard
  • If one player can't make a valid move, the move goes to the other player", the game engine will make multiple moves if you don't have a valid move.

Game Rules

Each player must place a new piece such that it is at least one straight line (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) from an existing piece of the same color (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal), with one or more neighboring opposing pieces in between.

Black starts to move head . The other player takes turns if the other player can't bring up the water. The game ends when no player can move. The player with the most pieces is the winner.

How to play

The game starts with two white and two black You win by capturing your opponent's pieces and making them your color. For this, you must arrange your pieces in a row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally, around the pieces of other players. The besieged opponent's pieces will be captured and flipped to your color, bringing your total number of pieces on the board.

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