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2048 Cube Buster

2048 Cube Buster is a brain game inspired by the famous 2048 game. Aim and fire the cube at the board, blocks with the same value will merge together. Let's see how long you can play!


Interesting challenge
How to play a simple but attractive
Pleasant sound
Totally free to play

How to play

The stacked cubes will appear one after the other at the bottom of the board. Click and hold the mouse to move left and right to see the block placement. When you find the exact location, release the mouse to stack.
Blocks with the same value that touch each other will merge together. These blocks can bounce and stack on top of each other. Try not to make the stack too high, as it will make it difficult to merge later.
There was some help at the cuois table, as you can see. Eg: bomb, omnipotent cube,...


Use the mouse to play.

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