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Checkers is a classic game played between two people on an 8x8 board similar to a chess board. There are 12 pieces for each player, which resembles flat discs and fit into each square on the board. Each square has an army flag placed on it with a different maximum color before being lined up. To win the game, you must jump over all of your opponent's pieces to take them.

How to play

  1. Each player starts the game with 12 discs, which they place in 12 dark squares of the same color near them.
  2. Players take turns later. Black is always the starting side of the game. Whoever holds the black piece will be randomly determined.
  3. Single pieces are always only allowed to go forward and always go diagonally across the dark squares, the light squares of the chessboard are not used.
  4. The piece will be discarded if it is captured.
  5. Although multiple jumps are allowed in one turn, only one piece can be captured in one jump.
  6. The player must make a jump to be able to catch the shot.
  7. The cards must always move forward towards the opponent.

The game will end when the following occurs:

  • If either player has no pieces left, that player loses.
  • If either player cannot move his piece, he is the loser.
  • Each player goes all 50 turns without capturing any chess pieces, then the score is even.

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