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Chess is a challenging, captivating game that calls for both strategy and talent. Chess has long been considered a game for intellectuals and professors, yet true chess players need to be rather intelligent.
Although chess's rules have evolved significantly since it was first created, they are now mostly standardized and widely accepted.

How to play

Making a move

Different pieces can move in different ways. Here is the movement of each piece:

The Pawn: The simplest piece is the Pawn (each side has 8 Pawns). The pawn can advance one or two cells on its first move, but after that, it can only advance one space. Pawn can only move diagonally forward one square and cannot move backward while attacking other pieces.

 The Rook: The rook is like a tower in a castle. If it is not blocked, it can move horizontally or vertically at will. Units in its route can be attacked by the vehicle.

The Knight: A horse represents Code in cryptography. In addition, this is the most difficult piece. The code can recline in either direction and has the form of an "L" made up of two horizontal cells and one vertical tile or one horizontal and two vertical cells. The only piece that can jump over other pieces is the Horse. Only pieces in the tiles it can jump to are attacked.

 The Bishop: Statues can only move diagonally, however they are not blocked and can move as many tiles as you want. This item resembles the headgear used by a Catholic bishop.

The Queen: is the most powerful piece (usually with a more feminine crown than the King). It can move freely in all directions, whether vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

 The King: The King is the only player limited to one tile move per round. The king attacks in the same way. You must avoid losing this piece at all costs, because you will lose if you lose the King.

How to play Chess

 The game starts with the White side. The opening is done by the White side, the player chooses the piece he wants to go. After the Black side advances a piece, the White side advances. Each turn, you and your opponent aim to capture each other's King and pieces. You should always plan a move or two before playing. Win the game by showing your opponent's King. That is, you check the opponent's King when the King has no way to move. You defend the Checkmate, now the opponent has overthrown his King and received defeat.

The game will end if the following happens

  • When you check your opponent's king.
  • If the player makes no move then it is a tie.
  • Each side has 60 seconds to make a move, otherwise that player loses.
  • After 50 moves per player but no pieces have been captured then it will be considered a tie.

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