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Carrom Clash

Carrom Clash is a new type of online board game. In the game, two players will compete on a square chess board. Both competitors compete to put balls of the same color in the bag. Each side will have a number of balls of different colors. Whoever gets the ball into the net first is the winner.

Game Modes

Disc Pool: You have to hit all of the balls before your opponent does to win. If you hit a ball, your turn will go on. Your turn is over if you don't throw the ball or make a foul.
Carrom: Is pretty much the same, except that you have to put the red ball in the pot before the last turn and turn it upside down right away to win.
Freestyle: In this mode, each ball is worth a certain number of points, and the player who gets to the goal number first wins. If not, the same.

How to play

Get all your score before your opponent win. Your turn ends if you foul or fail to score. In freestyle, every ball counts. The winner is the player who scores the first goal. First goal scorer. Your turn will continue after you score.


Use the mouse.

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