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Spider FRVR

Spider FRVR is a hardcore and beloved card game. The goal is to arrange the cards in the scene in order from King to Ace. Every time it completes a sequence from King to Ace, it automatically moves the whole chain to the foundation pile.


Chris Benjaminsen made Spider FRVR.


May 2020


Drag left mouse button to move the cards.

How to play

Includes two decks of the same suit of spades, for a total of 104 cards mixed together. Divided into 10 columns in the tableau.
The cards in the scene are stacked according to the rule of descending from King to Ace.
Empty cells in the tableau can be filled with any face-up card.
On the right-hand side is the foundation pile, which has eight empty cells. A place to store completed series of cards.
At the bottom right is the stack, where the mysterious cards help you. If you can't stack the cards in the tableau, use that.

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