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Tri Peaks Solitaire

Single-player card game Tri Peaks Solitaire has simple yet demanding gameplay. The objective of this game of solitaire is to eliminate every card from the scene of play. It is the player's responsibility to construct mixed sequences that alternate between cards that are either greater or lower in number than the one before it.

Rule Tri Peaks Solitaire

  • Three Peaks: Four layers of cards each form the Three Peaks. The vertices have only 1 leaf. The top cards are face-down, while the bottom cards are face-up.
  • The Stock: At the bottom left are piles of piles. Magnetic cards are drawn using it and then placed in The Waste. 
  • The Waste: It's empty from the start and lies next to it The Stock.

How to play

52 cards are used in Tri Peaks Solitaire. The goal is to decode the pyramids and collect every card shown in the scenario. Only cards that score one point higher or lower than the top card in the discard pile are eligible to collect.

We choose a card from the stock pile and place it face up on The Waste to start the game.. The initial starting point to understand the pyramids will be that card.

It must be matched with a card from the pyramid facing forward one point higher or lower than it.

The last card you added to the discard pile remains there, face-up, and serves as the next platform for the next match. In fact, you have to form chains by moving higher or lower in steps instead of just forming pairs.

The animation ends if there are no cards left to stack on top of the last card removed. When this happens, you can replace the cards on the discard pile by taking one or more cards from the reserve pile. Simply click on a group of stocks in this online Tri Peaks Solitaire game to flip a card.

When there are no more moves (and the stack is empty), but there are still some cards left, you lose the game.

Despite the simple gameplay, winning at Tri Peaks Solitaire is not as simple as you think. Good luck.

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