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Spades is a free card game where players can test their intellectual talent with a classic card game. Spades is a game that is both fun and challenging as it requires one to find strategies and ways to win against opponents.

Rule game

  • The game starts with 4 players with two players facing each other will be a pair. Deal and play clockwise.
  • The game uses a standard 52-card deck. Cards of the same suit are ranked from high to low from King to Ace.
  • The first dealer is randomly selected and dealt clockwise. The shuffled cards are dealt individually one by one, in a clockwise order starting with the player to the dealer's left, until all 52 cards are dealt and everyone has a 13.

How to play

  • Unless they don't have that deck, in which case they may play any card from their hand, each player plays one card in turn clockwise.
  • The player who wins the trick gains the lead, however he or she can only take the lead if all they have in their hand is cards.
  • Play goes on until there are no more cards for any player. 13 tricks are worth one hand.
  • To win the game, reach the required score.

On the computer use the mouse to play. Tap the screen if you're playing with a phone or tablet. Good luck.

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