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Solitaire is a classic game type and very familiar to all generations. Solitaire is a card game. The rules of Solitaire are quite basic, extremely simple and easy to understand. Anyone can understand and know how to play right from the first play.

Solitaire Rules

The set up

  • The Stock: These are the cards lying face down in the upper left corner.
  • The Waste: The cell looks to the right The Stock. It was originally left blank.
  • The Foundations: Four empty cells are on the top right.
  • The Tableau: Seven columns are below.


Arrange all the cards on the Foundation pile to win the game of solitaire. Each Foundation has a suit and you must arrange the cards on it in ascending order from Ace to King. Facilities are sorted by suitability and rank.

How to play

When playing a hand, 28 cards will be placed in 7 columns, numbered 1 to 7, from left to right. You'll get to view the first card when it's turned over. You will have four vacant cells on the top right where you may arrange 13 pieces from A to K of the same suit. There will be a box with 24 reserve cards on the left side. You may utilize those cards throughout the game to help you out when you're stuck.

How to move cards

You will move the face-up cards to other columns. The next card is shown after the deck has been rotated. However, the moved card must be smaller. The new pieces must also have a different quality and color from the old ones. You will move this card to the top if it is an A. To roll an additional card, you must place a K card in any empty column.

When you can no longer move the card. The box contains 24 reserve cards that should be clicked on. Three cards will be produced at once using reserve cards.

Then, using the rule of continuity, you would arrange these cards into 7 columns. Play continues until all the cards from the seven columns are located in the top four empty cells.

Your score will be determined by how often you move the cards. If you get the required number of points within the allotted time, you win. Good luck.

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