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Hearts is a game of the card game genre that is famous around the world and well known. Hearts is a dnahf game for groups of 4, it is not difficult to learn but there are many ways to play strategically. Like other fun card games, the rules are not complicated. The opponents will give a card and the cards must be of the same suit (checkers, spades, spades) whoever has the highest card will be the winner.

Game rules

The rules of the game are summarized as follows:

  • The opponents will give a card and the cards must be of the same suit (checkers, spades, spades) whoever has the highest card will be the winner.
  • For each muscle will lose 1 point, Especially for the Q spade you will lose 13 points.
  • You keep playing like that, at the end of the card whoever gets the highest score will be the winner.

How to play

  1. The first 13 cards are given to each participant. When the game starts, you will choose three cards to deal to one of your opponents.
  2. Normally, you should try to discard your three worst cards by going through them one by one. You start by passing to your opponent on your left; We will be interested in changing the opponent you move to. Next, you pass to the opponent on the right in the next game. The third game involves passing the cards directly across the table, while the fourth game involves keeping all your cards and not transferring any.
  3. The first two-stroke player must have a two-stroke lead after the opening hand.
  4. The player who deals the first card of each round is called the "leader". Then one card is played by each participant.
  5. They must play the card they hold if it is the same suit as the first card. Otherwise, they are free to use any of their other cards. The player who played the highest card is tricked after all four cards have been dealt. This shows that the player starts his next turn after taking 4 cards from the board. The player's penalty is increased by any penalty cards from the trick, including any hearts or spades.
  6. Even if you don't hold any cards in the open deck, you cannot play either queen or spade in the first round.
  7. The player with the lowest penalty score after all cards have been played wins that particular hand. Penalty points are determined. The game ends when one of the players scores at least 100 points and the one with the fewest points wins. The game continues until there is only one clear winner if two or more players tie for first place with the fewest points and points over 100.

On the computer use the mouse to play. Tap the screen to play if you're playing on a mobile device. Have fun playing the game.

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