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Solitaire 0-21

Solitaire 0-21 is an addictive classic card game. The object of the game is to collect all the cards on the board, making sure your total is always between 1 and 20. If your score is below 1 or over 20, you lose.

Each level starts with 10 points. Each card can clearly show the subtracted or added numbers and is shown in easy-to-see colors: green for addition, red for subtraction.

You can also use special tags like min, average, or max. These cards set your sum to their respective values.
Passing each level, you will collect a certain amount of gems. You can use it to go to the skin shop, discard the card in the trash, undo a step, etc.

The game is very suitable for the practice of addition and subtraction for elementary school children. We also need to think and calculate a bit to win this game.

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