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Protect My Dog

In the Protect My Dog puzzle game, you have to use all your wits to protect your dog from the onslaught of ferocious bees. To pass the puzzles, use extreme caution.

In Protect My Dog, you may save your dog and provide him happiness. Small animals may be rather adventurous and occasionally cause trouble. So keep an eye on your little friend!

Your first concern in this puzzle game should be safeguarding your small puppy. He may be seen standing on various platforms, frequently close to potentially hazardous locations like beehives. Even if he does nothing, the bees will undoubtedly sting him. In order to keep bees away, keep an eye on him and draw lines around him. In order to prevent him from hurting himself due to the bees' attempts, you must also keep an eye on the platforms he is standing on. You may come home clean and happy with your beloved pet if you successfully complete this vital task in forty pleasant steps!

How to play

Use your mouse to create an evx line around your dog.

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