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Atari Breakout

The goal of the Atari Breakout game is to smash the colored blocks with the ball until there are no more colored blocks and make sure that the ball doesn't fall out. You have to be careful because there is only a certain number of balls. If you use up all the balls, the game is over. Good luck with your score.

One of the following modes is your choice:

  • One Ball: A standard breakout in which you must smash the ball into blocks while trying to keep the ball.
  • Two Balls: A typical breakout where you have to hit two balls at a time.
  • Cavity: Break two balls stuck in blocks with a ball.
  • Incremental: Every few seconds, a new row of blocks is added. Before the blocks reach the bottom, try to remove them all as fast as you can!

How to play


Launch the ball with the left mouse button and move the mouse pad.

Game Tips

  • Maintain focus on the goal.
  • Prepare for the upcoming shoot.
  • Collect power-ups to improve your score.
  • Avoid other powerups if you want to maintain your current strength.

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