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Mahjong has become one of the most popular games in the world. Because the rules are easy to understand and the game is fun to play. The game was created in China with a 4-player version. But in our game you can play alone. The object of the game is to remove all the tiles by matching pairs of the same tiles together. Use your wits to win the game as quickly as possible.

How to play


There are a total of 144 cards used to play Mahjong. Divided into seven categories including: Dot, Bamboo, Character, Wind, Dragon, Season and Flower. Except for the Season and Flower cards that appear only once, each tile appears four times. While not identical, a Season card can be paired with any other Season card. For the Flower card, the same is true.

Game play

144 cards are arranged in a certain order with face up. Patterns change after each game. The standard model, called the Turtle Squad, has five layers and looks like a pyramid.
Mahjong is a very easy game to play. You just need to locate the matching pairs of cards. A card is free if it is not on another square and is not surrounded by cards both to its left and right. Remember that matching cards usually match the same tiles, with the exception of Season and Flower cards, which can be matched to any other tile in their group. If you can't find a matching pair try the whole deck reshuff feature.

Tips to win

  • The newest cells will be unlocked. Always leave a pair on until you need it if it hasn't opened anything yet.
  • Focus on matching tiles along the horizontal lines, as they are often harder to remove.
  • When you have 3 of the same cards, consider choosing the pair that can release the most cards.

You should do your best to avoid falling into a situation where there are no pairs. Congratulations, you have won the game if there are no cards left on the table when the game is over.

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