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Uno Online

Uno Online is an American card game played with a special deck of cards. Its rules originate from the card game Crazy Eights, and this game has been developed in Ohio, USA, since 1971. Then gradually spread globally.

How to Play Uno is a simple, easy, fast and fun card game. Extremely suitable for large groups, especially the more the merrier, can play from 2 to 10 people. If you've ever heard of the Uno card game but don't know how to play, please see the Uno playing guide below. 

How to play

In this multiplayer Uno game, there are many ways to increase your chances of winning. The most important rule is to discard all your cards before other players. You can do this by making your card match the color or number of the card before you. If you don't have a card to play, you must draw from the stack until you have one.

Each player receives seven cards, one at a time, at the start of the game. In the middle of the table, the remaining cards are placed face down. The top card is flipped over the starting point of the discarded cards.

The player to the left of the dealer will be the first player. Game direction is clockwise and can be reversed with a Reverse Card.

By matching the color or number on your card with the card on the table, you can discard the card in the UNO. The first player to discard all of their cards wins this round.

When you have only one card left, press the "1" button. Otherwise, you will receive two penalty cards.

In the Uno deck there are 108 cards of 4 colors blue red yellow green including the following types of cards:

Number cards

Seventy percent of the cards in the deck are number cards, four colors, and 19 cards each. The cards show numbers from 1 to 9. In terms of the number of cards, the number 0 has only 1 card, the other numbers have 2 cards.

Action cards

Action cards give the game of Uno an additional layer of strategy. The Uno deck contains three different types of action cards. Each action card comes in two of each color. Which is:

Skip cards : When playing a card down, the next player skips his turn and does not draw any more cards

Reverse card : Cards cause the direction of the game to change.

Draw Two card: The next player must draw 2 cards and lose their turn

Wild cards

There are two types of color changing cards: Wild Cards and Wild Draw Four.

Wild Cards : If you possess this card, you may choose to play whenever it is your turn and may also select any color you desire. The next player must play the color that you select on this card.

Wild Draw Four : You have the option to hit at any point, and when you do, you must also select the color for the subsequent player to hit. The sole distinction is that the following player forfeits his turn and must draw four cards from the draw pile.

Tips for playing Uno

The cards with the highest score should be dropped first. Your final score won't be as high as placing you last thanks to this.
Function tags are really important, so use them when absolutely necessary. It is best to use them when there are only 2 cards left to increase your chances of winning

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