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Idiot series of trick-taking card games are very popular. Idiot is a card game that has most of the elements of other games: fun, strategy, decision making, speed, lots of luck and finally a little suspense. To discard as many cards as possible, the player tries to rank higher than the cards at the top of the pile.

The basic objective of the game is to get rid of every card by choosing the right numbers to play and timing the pile correctly.

How to play

  1. The game Idiot is quite simple. You will be given 9 cards from a deck of 52 ordinary playing cards.
  2. With card number three as the first, the game begins. The next round begins with 4 if no player has 3 or choose to play their 3 cards in the first round.
  3. Idiot is a game where you try to lose all of your cards by putting them in the pile. The card that is added to the pile must be higher or equal to the card that is already at the top.
  4. It is your turn to play if you don't have a card to add to the pile; otherwise, you must take the whole pile.
  5. Your hand must always include three cards; if it has less than three, you must draw enough cards from the deck to replenish it with three. There are no more cards pulled when the deck is empty.
  6. The table has three cards face up and three cards face down. They are not playable until your hand is finished. A face-down card cannot be examined before being played.
  7. As long as they are of the same rank, you may play numerous cards at once. If you have two or more identical cards, clicking on them will merely choose them; they won't be played. To start playing the selected items together, click the "Play" button after selecting them.
  8. The top pile is discarded if there are four cards of the same rank there.
  9. You can draw the top card from the deck and put it on the stake if you don't have any cards to put on the pile; if it's a legal move, you don't have to take the stake.
  10. Instead of playing cards, you may always decide to place a bet. Additionally, you may always play the pile's top card without seeing it.

Tips to win

  1. Keep the best cards in the face-up pile until the end of the game, when you can't possibly draw any more.
  2. If you must choose from the smaller piles, try to save your 10 cards for the larger ones.

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