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Freecell Solitaire Blue

Freecell Solitaire Blue is a beloved solitaire card game. Your task is to create increasing chains from Ace to King according to each substance.

How to play

The deck has 52 cards, randomly shuffled into 8 Tableau, 4 7-card columns, and 4 6-card columns.
There are 8 background tiles at the top right of the screen, including:
Four foundation stakes for you to build your ensemble.
With four additional blanks to the right of the nail, you can temporarily place one card in each empty slot. This gives you a strategic way to scan cards that you can't use right away.
Move the cards from the animation or blank tiles to the background at the top right of the screen or card layout. The cards in the animation are stacked in a sequence of alternating colors: red, black, red, black.
Arrange the foundation piles in ascending order of each substance.
You win when there are no cards left in Tableau or empty cells, and your suits are arranged in ascending order.

Release Date

January 2023


Freecell Solitaire Blue is developed by Softgames-Azerion.


Use the left mouse button to move the card.

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