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Daily Solitaire Blue

Daily Solitaire Blue is a beloved arcade card game. Your goal is to move and arrange all the cards in the tableau on the foundation pile in order from Ace to King.
There are two game modes for you to choose from: Draw 1 card, draw 3 cards

How to play

During the tableau, a card-or a group of cards-can be moved to one of the seven columns if the value of the top cards is exactly one value lower and the color is different from the color of the card.
4 cells in the foundation pile: You must start the foundation of each pile with an ace and build in ascending order from ace to king and by suit.
Having a stack of cards face down next to the foundation pile will help you when you are no longer stacking and moving cards in the tableau. It will show each card in turn each time you click.
The game ends when you place all the cards in the tableau on the foundation pile.

Release Date

August 2022


Softgames-Azerion developed this game.


Drag the left mouse button or click on a card to move it.

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