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Daily FreeCell

Daily FreeCell is an online card game that is loved for its difficulty. The object of the game is to build up all 52 cards on foundations from Ace to King by suit. (flange, shrimp, checkered, muscle)

How to play

On the top left are four free cells. On a free slot, you can temporarily park a card.
On the top right are four foundation piles that are clearly divided into the four suits of the card. This is where you complete the objective of the game.
Below are 8 animations: those are 52 cards from a deck that are randomly shuffled and randomly divided into 8 animations. You can build animation stacks by alternating colors. Only one card can be moved at a time (but you can move the group of cards in the proper sequence if you have enough free cells and/or animation piles). The top card of any animation pile can be moved to any free tile. Each free tile can only contain one card. Cards in cells can be moved to the foundation pile or back to the animation pile, if possible.
Towards the end, move all cards to the top 4 bases, from Ace to King, in ascending order by suit. You have conquered this game.

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