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Crescent Solitaire

The goal of the card game Crescent Solitaire is to remove all cards from two stacked decks in the playing area. All cards must be moved from the 16 outer decks to the 8 center stacks. To stack the deck, the top four stacks must be built from the King to the Ace of the deck.

To make a move, you can move pieces between each stack. However, if you have trouble making a move, you can use the tool to completely rearrange the decks. However, this function is limited to 3 lanes of use because please use them in case it is absolutely necessary. Good luck to you.


  • Much updated compared to the old classic.
  • One-click control is easy to use.
  • Win the title of fastest crescent-shaped solitaire player by winning the fastest time.
  • Can be played in full screen mode for a more realistic game experience.

How to play

  • You can only move one card at a time and only use the card on the top of the pile.
  • Cards from the pile can be transferred to the foundation or another animated pile.
  • Animated stakes are erected in ascending or descending order, and can also go around. So cards of the same suit can be placed on top of each other.
  • If you have trouble, you can choose the shuffle button to reset the entire original arrangement. However in the game there is a maximum limit of 3 shuffles.


Drag left mouse button to move a card.

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