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Algerian Solitaire

Algerian Solitaire is a challenging variation of classic solitaire. Because it is played with two decks of cards and has quite complicated rules. The goal is still to move all the cards in the tableau to the base.
Solitaire Algeria is divided into three rows: foundation, tableau, and reserve.

How to play

Above the tableau is the foundation
The four platforms on the left are arranged from Ace to King by suit. The four platforms on the right are arranged from King to Ace by suit.
The middle tableau is divided into 8 columns
Here, you can stack cards in ascending or descending order by suit. An up or down trend can be reversed. When you stack cards, an empty inventory appears, which you can fill with any face-up card.
Below the tableau are the reserve and the stack
Here, you need to move the cards to the tableau or the foundation to stack.
The game is won after all the cards have been transferred to the base.

Release date

December 2016


This game was developed by Ravalmatic.


Use the mouse to play.

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