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2048 Card Game

The 2048 Card Game is a puzzle game with an interesting combination of Solitaire and the classic 2048 game. The goal is to match cards of the same value to get 2048.

How to play

Start with two cards of random value and four empty cells to stack. Drag a card from the foundation pile onto the board and drop it where you want it. If two cards of the same value are placed on top of each other, they will merge and form one card of double value.
Wildcards can be merged with any number. Place it on the card with the highest value to quickly increase your score.
There are two options for you: revoke and discard. Support you when you make mistakes.


Try to build the string in descending order. If there is a card that messes up the order, use the discard helper to discard it immediately.
You can see the next card, so there will be a more effective card placement plan.


Use the mouse to drag and drop the cards.

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