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In 2048 game your task is to match tiles with same number together in 2048 game to get tile with higher number. Two numbers is the minimum you can start in this game. The next step of the game is to combine tiles with the same number to create a tile with more than two numbers on it. Players have tried many different strategies to get to 2048 and win this game. However, some people have managed to make progress. The 2048 card also applies. After winning 2048, you can choose to continue or stop.

How to play

A 4x4 grid is used for the 2048 game. Each round is a move and the blocks will slide in one of the four directions involved when the player uses the arrow keys (up, down, left, right). In each round, a block with a value of 2 or 4 will appear randomly in a grid cell. Until they reach the edge of the grid or make contact with another block, the squares will glide in the specified direction.

When two identical squares touch each other, they merge to create a square whose value is equal to the sum of the two squares (double value). The resulting square cannot be put together in one move with another block. Squares with different values ​​will be colored differently for easy identification.

If there is no space left for you to move the squares the game will end and you lose.

Tips To Win

  • Use only two main motion axes.
  • Avoid pushing the number boxes to the top.
  • Let's neatly arrange the number boxes on the side.
  • Pay attention to your goals.
  • Push to the bottom or to the side as needed.

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