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Zombie Tsunami Online

 Zombie Tsunami Online is a mobile game product known and experienced by many players. In the zombie game Zombie Tsunami, your task is also to control an army of zombies running on the high highway through the city. The number of zombies will increase and decrease throughout the journey as you save people in trouble on the road, overcome obstacles, and encounter many other surprises.

The main goal of the game  Zombie Tsunami Online:

  • Increase the number of zombies during the run.
  • Collect gold coins along the way.
  • Avoid obstacles such as dynamic or static bombs, cars, buses, crashed planes, etc.

How to play

You'll begin with a zombie and run continuously on the road. Need to avoid obstacles such as buses or tanks containing bad guys or explosive bomb-type obstacles (hanging overhead or fixed on the road). Be careful on sagging or broken roads because you can fall at any time.

When the screen appears with an exclamation mark, it means that there are moving obstacles ahead of you. It could be a car or plane crash, which players must actively avoid.

Zombie Tsunami players also have to collect gold coins that appear quite a lot along the way.

Don't worry about bad guys sitting in buses, taxis, or tanks in the early stages. You need to jump over these vehicles to continue the journey.

Save the people you come across on the road who are screaming and waving for help. Just go through them, and the zombie's mouth will automatically open to swallow the person. The number of zombies on your team will increase in proportion to the number of people saved.

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