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Drop & Merge the Numbers

On PC, mobile, and iPad browsers, you may play the free online puzzle game "Drop & Merge the Numbers." In the brain-training puzzle game Drop & Merge the Numbers, the player must drop numbers in order to combine them and unlock blocks of greater value.

How to play

Put the same numbers together while paying attention to the number that drops from the block stack. You must combine blocks, combine numbers, and add numbers in this block puzzle game to reach greater numbers, such as 2048 or even higher. So, 1024 becomes 2048, 2048 becomes 4096, and 4096 becomes an endless number. You earn more points the more combos you create! The level of difficulty rises as the quantity of bricks does. Using the boost item will allow you to view the block before it occurs if the next block is too challenging to solve.


  • Use the mouse.
  • Esc/P = pause.

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