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Tetris is a name we are all very familiar with. This is a very special brain game that offers many exciting levels. Tetris game has simple gameplay but has a very strong appeal and can be addictive. Colorful bricks, each of which can take on a variety of looks, act as the game's protagonist and are responsible for its overwhelming appeal. This type of puzzle game also has many different variations, including not only colorful blocks but also cards, square or rectangular blocks and other shapes.

Tetris game mode

You can choose between three distinct game settings when playing Tetris:

  1. Single player solo mode: Aim for high scores to unlock higher levels of the game.
  2. Play with your friends: Compete with your friends, if you match more blocks and score more points in that level, you win.
  3. Compete against 100 other players: At this level, the environment of the game will definitely be more dramatic, forcing you to use your mind and improve your strategy even more.

How to play

The game is designed to be relatively simple and uncomplicated for all players. The challenge for the player now is to locate a favorable position for the falling bricks to match those below without leaving any space inside the stacked block. The size of the screen is usually divided so that the width is divided into about 10 squares and the length is divided into about 20 squares.

When the image to be stacked is falling from above, the player needs to quickly observe the positions below where the brick will stop to be able to successfully assemble.

The controls on the player's gaming device allow them to move the block horizontally or vertically, depending on the circumstances of the game at that particular moment.

The brick will continue to descend until it comes into contact with the blocks below it, at which point it will begin to create an adjacent, cohesive shape that fills the space.

If you can cover 10 tiles in a row of tiles along one of the horizontal rows by cleverly arranging closed bricks, that row of tiles will disappear immediately. Then you will get more points, high score you can change the difficulty level.

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