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Minesweeper is a computer game designed as entertainment software for users to play. It is sometimes referred to by other names Bomb Defuse. For Minesweeper, the player's goal is to open every square without clicking on the mines. If you hit the box containing the mines you will immediately lose.

How to play

Click on a square to get started. There won't be any beaks in the first square, for sure. The surrounding squares that appear when you click on one will usually show you information about the mines' locations. The mines' locations can then be inferred from the numbers that have been revealed. When you find a mine, right-click on the square to mark it with a flag. By right-clicking the square twice, you can indicate any square that you're unsure whether or not contains a mine with a question mark. You can keep right-clicking a square if you accidentally marked it with a flag or a question mark to get rid of it. Three states can be selected by right-clicking a square: nothing, flag, and question mark.

Tips to win Minesweeper

  • Memorize the formulas of the game. If you are new and unsure, try to recall the location of the mines immediately. At first, it will take you some time to understand this formula. However, once you have a good understanding of the game, you won't need to worry much about the location of the mines.
  • Place flags strategically and effectively. Use the "double click" technique, which involves pressing the right and left mouse buttons simultaneously, for more successful flagging.
  • Remember to never guess at random and always click on the square with the lowest chance of being hit by a mine.


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