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Snake Challenge

In the Snake Challenge game, the goal is snakes to eat as many white spots and dots as possible while they are alive. Avoid biting your tail or banging your head against the wall!

This is the snake game's initial design. To advance in level, use points. The snake will perish if it can't avoid running into its own tail and the wall. You will have the option to begin an entirely new game.

Three distinct levels are offered for selection. Enjoy the game and achieve high scores.

Hints and Tips

  • You must practice taking the abrupt turns. By popping a coin, you can make the game of snake go faster. There is a possibility that you will be bitten before you can respond due to the snake's quickness. If you want to avoid encountering difficulty, you must play more.
  • Despite your desire to grab that white area as soon as you can, you should resist and instead wait until your snake's tail has moved beyond it before entering the pass. other.
  • Your tail will lengthen as you play snakes, as you will observe. You can avoid running into your tail and the wall if you keep an eye on the edge of the screen. You will find it simpler to move around the remainder of your school as a result.

How to play

Use the navigation keys to control the mouse eat fruit and get bigger!

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