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Slipways is a grand space strategy video game. The goal is to build and link up an interplanetary trading empire. Let's grow together in peace.
In the game, you need to identify the reciprocal relationships between the planets to connect them together. Planets will produce some resources, getting the right resources will help them produce maximum output. Click and drag between two planets to create a slide that helps them trade with each other.

How to play

When detecting several planets, do not rush to connect them, click first to probe and identify resources. The resource on the right is what it produces, and the resource on the left is what makes it more productive. Please calculate and choose correctly to achieve high efficiency. Try to connect the planets that create the object with the planets that need it.


Hold the right mouse button or SDFE keys to drag the map.
Left-click to click and drag between the two planets, creating a slide that helps them trade with each other.

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