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Poker Quest

Poker Quest is a fantasy role-playing game where you strategically use a standard 52-card deck to effectively defeat your enemies.


Hundreds of different items and monsters
More than 10 unique heroes.
Runs daily with public stats and other interesting details.
The challenge comes with tough modifications.
Small games. Casino!

How to play

On the world map, go to the right.
Click on the next location in the path
Turn-based combat. You start by drawing two cards per turn. Your card is on the left, and the enemy's card is on the right. To fight, select the cards in your hand, then choose the equipment you want to use them with. After using your cards, end your turn.
Once you get some chips, find shops to spend them, and buy upgrades in the Characters screen (remember to upgrade your draw!).
Tools will be explained and how to use them each time they appear, read them to understand all their effects.


Left mouse button

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