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Pacman is a popular eating and drinking game for decades. In 1980, Namco developed a game called "Puck-man" named after the movements that depict the opening and closing of the mouth while eating. The development team assumed that Pac-man was born in a restaurant, when he cut a Pizza and looked at the rest of it and had just come up with the idea for the game.

How to play

To win the game points, you have to control Pacman to go around the maze to eat all the beans - small pink dots. When you eat all the beans, you will proceed to the next round. While eating you must be careful to watch out for the "ghosts", they will do everything to capture and destroy you. If a ghost touches a Pacman, one life is lost and the game ends when all Pacmans are lost.

There are four large circles at the four corners called "energy" pills. When Pac-man eats one of those circles, it will become immortal, the ghosts will change color to blue-black, they will move very slowly and disorientate. At this point, you need to take advantage to let Pac-man eat a lot of beans and also eat these ghosts to get more points.


  • Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to change the direction of Pac-man's movement.
  • Press the p key every time you want to pause or resume playing.
  • Press the n key every time you want to start over.
  • Press the s key when you want to turn the sound on or off.

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