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Mancala is a classic board game with simple but fun gameplay. Mancala's goal is to collect as many gems as possible in his basket to win.

How to play

Click on the box containing your stones, and then the stones will be taken out of the box and put one by one in the neighboring cells in a counterclockwise direction until they run out of stones.

You and your opponent will take turns to move the gems according to the following rules:

1. You can only move the gems on your side.
2. Each time you move, you pick up all the gems in a pit and distribute them in a counterclockwise direction to the next pit.
3. If the last gem of a move is laned on your mancala, then you can move for a gain.
4. If the last gem of a move lands on an empty pit on your side and there are some gems in the opposite pit, then the gems in the two pits will be captured in your mancala.

You need calculation and brains when playing this Mancala game. Create many mancalas to quickly go to victory.


Left-click to play

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