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Gold Miner

Many people love the classic game "Gold Miner", in which you dress up as an old man and go digging for gold. Your mission is to complete the mission objectives indicated on the game screen by using hooks to pull different objects, such as diamonds, gold, stones, gift bags, explosives, etc. The gameplay is quite simple, all that is needed is that the player has to be a little quick and get a lot of gold in the set time. The moving rope moves continuously from left to right and vice versa from right to left.

 Game Tips

  • Choose the right direction to drop the hook to grab valuable items and avoid hitting rocks.
  • Buying things at the store is reasonable.
  • Take advantage of pocket money and question marks.
  • Don't miss the diamond-carrying pigs.

How to play

Each level will require a certain amount of money to get through the door and the amount needed will be proportional to the size of the gold nuggets. With each table, the difficulty level increases and you will need to develop your skills as a worker to avoid hazards like explosives.
The gameplay of the game is really simple and suitable for many platforms, including mobile:

  • To play on PC, you just need to use the up and down function keys.
  • In mobile version you can control by touching the screen.

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