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Gin Rummy Online

Gin Rummy is a free online classic card game. The goal is to create a combination of three or more cards with the same number or sequence in each suit. Try to create Gin to win an absolute victory.

How to play

Each player has 10 cards to play. Discarding the cards that you feel don't help in creating combinations
When your opponent makes a card, if it's a card that helps you make a combination, take it. If not, pick up a card from the face-up stack and discard a card you think you don't need in your deck.
Try to create combinations as quickly as possible.

Game end

Game over when creating Gin. That is, when there is only one card left out of the combination, you can call Gin. Or, if your dead wood total is less than 10, you can 'knock out' and see who wins the hand.


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