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Enemy Strike

Enemy Strike is a classic shooting game in which the player controls his ship and shoots all the enemy ships. Attention: dodge falling debris to avoid damage.
The game includes 45 levels. Complete each mission to unlock the next level.

How to play

Move your ship, aim, and fire at enemy ships.
Pay attention and stay away from all that falls from the top, it will make you lose blood. To know how much is left in your blood bank, look at the green color of the health status bar to grasp the situation. When the health bar runs out, you lose, and you have to start conquering that level again. You complete a level by wiping out enemies while still having health in the health bar.

Try to collect some loot to power up:

Blue dot: knock down enemies on a vertical plane. Enemies hit by the blue dot do not fall on you.

Green dot: Defeat adjacent enemies. Enemies hit by the blue dot do not fall on you.

Yellow dot: When you collect it, there will be a boom floating in the air. Ready to explode when bumping into enemies.

The falling dot has three vertical dots in it: "machine gun with strong damage. However, be careful of falling debris.

Falling dot with a vertical bar and two angled bars on the sides: The laser beam that hits an enemy will instantly kill them and not fall on you.


Use the mouse to play.
Your ship automatically fires bullets, you just need to control the ship's movement. Click and hold the left mouse button, then drag the mouse to move left and right.

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