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Crossover 21

Crossover 21 is a fascinating brain game. Here you need to arrange and combine the cards to get a score of "21" on any row or column.

How to play

Crossover 21 is a great combination of classic Blackjack and Tetris. Place the cards on the playing field, focusing on the numbers on the edges of the field. You have to combine the cards for 21 points.
Collected cards will be deleted, and you can reinstall new sets. The numbers on the edge of the field will quickly calculate the result, so you don't have to endure lengthy calculations.
If the set of cards is more than 21, the cards will be removed, but in their place there will be crossed-out cells in which you can install anything.
Try to combine the cards smartly to become the winner.


Drag left mouse button to put the cards.

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