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Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is a fun clicker game if you love baking. The game starts by clicking repeatedly on the cake to cook it. As a small baker, you can become a cake expert. Every time you click on the big cookie, you will get a small cookie.

When you collect enough cookies, you can use them to buy upgrades that allow you to collect cookies automatically without clicking.

Cursor: Every ten seconds, the cursor automatically clicks on the cookie.

Grandma: One cookie is produced every second by every woman.

Farm: Grow your cookie tree on the farm. each farm produces 8 cookies per second.

The game also has a lot of hidden upgrade items.

Click-through rate is increased thanks to many improvements. With each click, more than one cookie can be baked.


  • Simple Idle Clicker Game
  • Many achievements and rewards
  • All free
  • No download or login required

How to play

Click on the large cookie on the screen.
Collect cake and level up.

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