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Chinese Checkers

Chinese Checkers is a board game that requires a lot of thought, skill and that everyone loves. Your goal is to move all your marbles to your opponent's corner to win.

Chinese Checkers will be divided into six rooms.

Room 1: 2 players, You play against the AI.
Room 2: 2 players, you vs. humans
Room 3: You play against two strong AIs.
Room 4: Three humans fight each other.
Room 5: You fight one human and two normal AIs.
Room 6: You play against 2 normal AI, 2 weak AI, and 1 human.

Look at your opponent's division, preferences, and qualifications to choose the appropriate room.

Players can move one marble to an adjacent position, move in any direction they aim, or jump over other marbles. You can jump over one marble at a time, and in one turn, you can make multiple jumps as long as those jumps are lined up. You cannot jump over two marbles that are next to each other.

Tips and tricks

Find the longest jump path: Move all the marbles out of the triangle area as quickly as possible and towards the opposite triangle area.
Keep Center: Find the shortest path to the opposite place, and it's definitely a straight line. Let's move so that the marbles are lined up in a straight line for the shortest route to the finish line.
No strays: Gather all your marbles together to move up the board as fast as possible, stray marbles will slow you down.
Look at the whole board: Look for every move highlighted in red before deciding where to go.
Defend at the end: both you and your opponent can jump over each other's pieces. Therefore, find and put yourself in the right position to be more beneficial to yourself.


Touch / Mouse


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