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Cards Connect

Cards Connect is a fun and suspenseful puzzle game based on the card game concept. To remove two cards with identical graphics, you must connect the two cards.

Although it is a card game, this game offers new experiences. To remove cards from the game, you must match two cards with the same image. When all the cards have been dealt, you win and go to the next level. Remember that there is a time limit for each level. Pay attention to the remaining time and complete the level within the allotted time. Additionally, there must be no more than three lines between any two cards in order to connect them.

The gameplay is pretty basic. This game is mainly to test your reflexes and acumen. Can you get rid of every card in the shortest amount of time? Start the game to show off your skills!


  • Interesting and enjoyable puzzle game.
  • Simple controls and mechanics.
  • Different levels.
  • Short time.

How to play

Use your mouse to click on 2 identical cards.

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