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Blackjack Master

Blackjack Master is a fascinating blackjack game. The object of the game is to reach a total greater than the dealer's and not exceed 21.


Great graphics.
The gameplay is fast and clear.
2000 chips as an initial balance.

How to play

Blackjack Master is said to be both a game of chance and a game of mind. Knowing how to calculate and have a stop is a very easy to win.
Look at your own cards and the dealer's cards. Look and calculate to total your cards as close to 21 as possible. From there, consider the options:
Double: Bet twice the number of chips.
Hit: Keep getting more cards.
Stand: Stop accepting cards and switch to your opponent's turn.
Remember, if you exceed 21, you lose.
You win if:
Your total is higher than the Dealer's total.
The dealer goes over 21, or "busts".


Use the left mouse button to play.

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