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99 Balls 3D

You should play 99 Balls 3D if you are bored of playing simple ball shooting games. Play the innovative game 99 Balls 3D, which is a combination of the games Breakout and Bubble Shooter. You have to remove the numbered balls in this game before they reach the bottom of the screen. Each ball has a number on it that indicates how many shots need to be destroyed. To increase the number of weapons you can throw at once, collect circles. Collect stars to gain access to new weapons! The numbers on the ball get higher the further you go in the game.

How to play

The goals will increase as your score increases. Get as many balls out of the way using your puzzle solving abilities. This requires choosing map edges and points strategically to increase your chances of hitting as many targets as possible.


Drag left mouse back to aim, release to shoot.

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