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2048 Drag And Drop

2048 Drag And Drop is a puzzle game inspired by the addictive classic 2048 game. In the game, players have to drag and drop blocks, blocks with the same value placed close together will merge together. Merge numbers to reach 2048.

How to play

The game is played on a 4x4 grid. At the bottom of the table are mysterious numbers from 2 to 1024 that will appear. You need to drag the numbers into the empty cells in the table and drop them into the position you want. Cells with the same number that are adjacent to each other will merge to form a tile with the sum of their numbers.
When you reach the number 2048, everything around you will explode like flares to congratulate you on conquering the game. And vice versa, when you have not created a 2048 tile and there is no space to drag a new block to the board, you will lose.


Use your mouse to drag and drop blocks.

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