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Classic Nonogram

A logic-based puzzle game is called Classic Nonogram. You can select from 288 games with a total of 12 distinct grid sizes and 24 riddles.

The nonogram game will be simpler if you start with a modest grid size, such as 4x4 or 5x5. To complete the puzzle, place Xs where the blanks correspond to the header, rows, and columns of numbers. The interactive game will correct your selection if you make a mistake.

You must determine whether cells need to be colored or left blank in order to complete a level. The numbers in the rows and columns serve as a guide for the number of cells to color. If there are several numbers, there are additional colored cell groups with at least one empty space between them.

How to play

After choosing a grid size, adhere to the directions. You can see how many grid cells are filled and how many groups there are by counting the numbers on each column and row. Each of the 288 games has 24 puzzles on 12 different grid sizes.

Tap the cell to fill it.

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