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3 Keys Solitaire

3 Keys Solitaire card game is solitaire. You will learn how to play a whole new card game. By placing cards on foundation piles, you must remove all cards from the animation piles.

The upper right corner has three foundation piles. Two of them, though, are locked. One foundation pile will be used during the first round of play. Any cards from the tableau piles that have values that are equal to or greater than those of the cards on the foundation pile should be placed there. You must adhere to the aforementioned guideline whether they are the same hue or have the same suit.

You will gradually amass the last set of keys needed to open the two foundation heaps. The cards in the tableau stacks are marked with these keys. The stockpile and the Joker pile are two more stacks in the top left corner. With the Joker card, you can proceed with any card on the tableau pile without following the rules. The Joker card may only be used four times, though. The pile of cards has 36 cards. Keep in mind that you should only use them when absolutely essential as you will lose if this collection of cards runs out. Win by completing your task within the allocated time.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.

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